Alyson Record

Alyson Record

I am an emerging artist who strives to bring more joy and excitement into the world through art. I want people to see the happiness and fun life has to offer around every corner. I hope to create art that makes people stop and look in awe or just admire the general moments in life that are amazing yet over looked. I like to think my art reflects my joyful and passionate personality. I enjoy the simple moments in life and strive to make others around me as happy as I feel most days.

Joy is the one word people use to describe me the most (Conveniently it is actually my middle name, I don’t think anything in my life is as perfect as this one glorious coincidence). I feel often that I have so much joy I come off overly giddy and unprofessional. However, most days I believe that it is ok because I am a happy and excitable person. I love when I see that I rub off on someone and put a smile on there face. This is what I hope my art can do for you. I hope you can see it and no matter the subject, complexity, or simplicity I hope you can find some moment that makes you smile. I want to make art that is exciting and inspirational every time you look at it.

Imagine yourself in your happiest moment and visualize a painting of that moment. How do you think your outlook on life may change? Imagine if you were able to see your happiest self everyday in bright and exciting colors! You would probably view yourself and the rest of your day differently. Imagine what a difference a custom painting of yourself would mean to you. Anyone can have a photograph, but instead be truly unique with a custom painting.

This is a website for people seeking a unique and joyful alternative to portray themselves in a joyful way. Let your joy out and change the world! I hope my art brings more joy to your life and you stop to appreciate some of the simple moments in all their glory. Let’s make the world a happier and more colorful place!

High Point, NC